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Foreign Health Insurance

EXPAT HEALTH INSURANCE / Health Insurance for Foreign Nationals ( FHI ) by UZMANLAR SIGORTA
We will provide the overall details, and try to answer the frequently asked questions about the EXPAT HEALTH INSURANCE or the so-called Foreign Health Insurance in our country which is MANDATORY to be maintained by the Foreign Nationals under some certain terms and conditions, and the provisions prescribed under the applicable laws.

What is the Health Insurance for Foreign Nationals?

Health Insurance for Foreign Nationals / Private Health Insurance for Foreigners / EXPAT HEALTH INSURANCE is a MANDATORY policy to be maintained by any foreign national who intends and has filed an application to obtain the residential permit in Turkey. It’s mandatory to have the health insurance, to be valid and applicable for at least 1 year, during application to obtain the residential permit. It refers to the private health insurance which covers the health-care expenses of foreign nationals, which might arise in consequence of any disease or accident, within the coverage items during the insurance period.

Foreign nationals, who have made an appointment to obtain the residential permit, ARE REQUIRED TO SUBMIT THE ORIGINAL COPY of the health insurance policy at the time of appointment.

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